Our workflow process fosters professionalism, inventiveness, and creativity. This is how we create stunning websites that appeal to the target audience and meet the needs of our clients.

1. Project Discussion
Before starting any project, we take time to understand the goal, motivation, and customer needs.

Set goals and KPIs
Evaluate media channels
Access competitors
Analyse target customers
Interact with users

2. Planning
Detailed planning is considered necessary for any project.

Make plans for the project and content
Identify users and their buying stages
Clarify and arrange information
Come up with feasible solutions

3. Content Writing
Content is the lifeblood of any website because it allows you to thoroughly represent your business, products, and industry in a way that is both relevant for your customers.

Plan contents and identify keywords.
Create and write content.
Optimize search engines.

4. Designing
Our unique approaches to finding our customers’ insights and needs. We recognizes that the end-users significantly impact website performance.

Identify target customers
Understand the strength of the brand and its products
Develop a design concept, highlighting outstanding features
Design user interface
Create effects and mobile interactions

5. Programming
Turn every idea into reality and help bring convenience to web administrators. We strongly prioritize Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and website loading speed optimization on your website.

Identify features and hand over the design idea.
Set the programming structure.
Customize appropriate effects and features.
Update fundamental contents.
Integrate into web design

6. Release
We will be ready to accompany you on your digital transformation journey, you can rest assured that your business will have a worthy website.

Discuss with the client’s technical department about the official setting
Provide the client with the original file source
Periodically update the latest technological insights
Maintain the system after operation