Pricing on Application

Customer Portal
Online invoicing and quotation system with customer access portal and payment.

Digital Booking
Online Appointment booking software.

Employee Attendance
Employee attendance time clock for accurate clock-in and clock-out.

Visitor Management
Visitor can get instant access to the lobby by registration and appointment check-in.

Custom Digital Form
Converting paper forms to digital for the Construction, Building and Manufacturing Industry, and everything in-between.

Digital Menu with QR code
Digital menu display with QR code in Restaurant ordering.

Reservation Appointment Scheduling
On premise scheduling find and book appointment.

A successful web site can become a vital part of your sales strategy.

Online Food Ordering
Get online fast with online food ordering system into your business.

Social Media Marketing
Advertisement and upload photo on three social media platform such as Google, Facebook and Instagram.
Unlimited Photo. Improve photo by adjustment of brightness, add logo, phone, address of the shop

Digital Signage
Design 1 video template includes 10 slides, free 5 slides (one-time design), store video on USB drive input to TV Screen for lifetime use)
USB drive store video will be shipped to you

Queue Ticketing
Enhance customer service with queuing management system. Alert your clients with sound and on screen display numbering. Reaching waiting customers have never been simpler with the assistance of our ticket queuing solution.